About us

about us

About VL Dental Lab

Opened in 1993 by Victor Levitsky MDT, VL Dental Lab is a
small first-class crown and bridge lab based in New York City
focusing on the highest quality aesthetic restorations for
discerning clients, perfected to a microscopic precision. We
embrace our small size as it allows all of our work to be
meticulously treated to the highest standards, where quality is
created and transferred at every step of the process.

We stand 100% behind our work and do not accept anything
but the best.

Victor Levitsky, MDT (Owner, VL Dental Lab)

In 1983, Victor graduated from the College of Dental Technology in Lvov, Ukraine, where he was born. After working as a dental technician for seven years in the Ukraine, he and his family moved to New York in 1990, where he continued to work in and study the craft of dental technology. In 1994, he took his his first advanced ceramics course from Naoki Aiba. From that day forward, Victor thrived on furthering his education and skills in the field.

In 1993 he opened VL Dental Lab where he could create work to a high level of quality that satsified him, sparing no expense. It was also then that he enrolled in the NYU graduate program in dental technology. He mastered the use of six different types of porecelian, before choosing only the best few for his lab, to be used on a case by case basis.

In 1996, Victor graduated from NYU with a Master in Dental Technology becoming a Master Dental Technologist (MDT). It was soon after that he began using a microscope to perfect the fit and finish of all work that was to leave the lab.

Victor has also received certficates for achievement in courses from Captek and from Ivoclar Vivadent in IPS e.max System, IPS e.max Press on Metal, and IPS Empress Esthetic. He continues to be on the lookout for new materials, techniques, and education opportunities.

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