Additional VL Dental Lab Services

additional services

Semi-Precision Attachment

Semi-precision attachment dentistry allows for removable
partial dentures that don’t show the metal clasps when being
worn. This makes them more aesthetically pleasing to people
who get them. The attachment becomes the clasp and is
hidden inside the partial denture. This makes it invisible when
in use, and easy to wear and maintain.


Temps are necessary while we are taking the time to custom make your restoration. Our dental lab also can create temporaries to protect the teeth that are in the process of being prepared for a final restoration. They will cover any exposed dentin to prevent the experience of sensitive teeth, or the issue of plaque buildup from occurring. Laboratory Provisionals give you and your dentist the most accurate idea of whether you’ll be able to live with the permanent restoration. Impressions of your teeth are used to create this temporary, and it is easy to begin this process.

Custom Staining

We specialize in dental ceramics which are popular with our patients. We can take a patient’s dental shade and analyze it to evaluate any abnormalities. From there, we can offer in-lab staining to make a perfect match to the color of your teeth.

Shade Analysis In Lab

This analysis is an accurate assessment of both color and shade. This process allows us to match dental restorations to the natural teeth more accurately for a highly pleasing restoration match. You will be pleased with the results!

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