Metal Crowns & Bridges

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns & Bridges

Porcelain fused to metal crowns have been considered the gold standard for repairing damaged teeth. This design type has been used for countless years. These crowns are cast metal with a porcelain covering atop it. The tooth-colored ceramic is baked on top of the metal alloy base, which makes it stronger. The metal is thin yet still strong and fits perfectly over the tooth. It is made to look exactly like a natural tooth. The porcelain layer is durable and can withstand chewing from opposing teeth.

Metal Crowns and Bridges

While porcelain crowns are a great choice, there are many times that a porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridge is better. This is especially true for those people who grind their teeth at night. This type of crown can withstand this wear and tear best. They have a high success rate and have been proven to last up to 70 years. They can be cemented to a tooth even when the tissue on the tooth isn’t healthy. This oftentimes can be done without any Novacaine. Porcelain crowns however cannot get a perfect seal.


These generally are over 25% of a noble metal, whether platinum, palladium or gold. It is more hypoallergenic over metal crowns and more affordable than high noble crown types.

High Noble White

High noble white is a white gold restoration. It has over 60% of platinum or palladium.

High Noble Yellow

This is a yellow gold high noble metal crown that offers the best aesthetics over any other porcelain fused to metal crown option. It has over 60% of gold content in the crown.

Maryland Bridge

A Maryland bridge or a resin-bonded fixed partial denture, includes a floating tooth to replace a missing one. It adheres to the adjacent teeth differently than other partial dentures. Instead of covering the teeth next to the missing space with crowns, this will bond the existing teeth using metal framework. This bridge is made of a combination of both metal and dental ceramic. This is especially great for patients who may still be growing such as with teenagers, but who want something in place for a replacement front tooth. It is minimally-invasive as compared to other denture types.

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