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Porcelain Fused to Metal

These crowns are great for people who may be teeth grinders or clenchers, as they can withstand wear and tear better than the standard yet strong porcelain crown.


This crown consists of over 25% of a noble metal such as gold, palladium and platinum.

High Noble White

This white gold restoration contains at least 60% of platinum or palladium.

High Noble Yellow

This PFM option contains over 60% of gold and is considered one of the most aesthetically-pleasing crowns available.

Maryland Bridge™

Also known as a resin-bonded fixed partial denture, this denture type uses the adjacent teeth differently, by covering the teeth instead of using crowns to bridge the gap of the missing tooth or teeth.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. They are made of abutments from existing teeth with a bridge attached to them.

Full-Cast Crown

A full-cast crown is made of solid metal or full gold, and is a conservative restoration option, which requires minimal preparation before applying it.

Onlay & Inlay

Both inlays and onlays don’t require the use of a full crown, but a restoration is required. Where it is placed is what distinguishes each from the other.

Lava™ Zircona/Cercon™

High-quality Lava Plus Zirconia allows our lab to produce high-quality crowns and bridges. They use custom shading, which allows us to color match a patient’s teeth perfectly.

IPS Empress® Esthetic Veneer

This uses glass-ceramic ingot, which allows us to fit all-ceramic restoration perfectly for every patient. They also reflect light well, which makes them look just like natural teeth.

IPS e.max® Press Full Crown

This uses disiliate glass ceramic that is available in five different translucency levels.

IPS e.max® Press Inlay/Onlay

The IPS e.max Press lithium disilicate glass-ceramic provides the best fit, form and function with durability. It comes in seven different levels of translucency.

IPS e.max® ZirPress

This system is used for any type of restoration and is especially great for details.


This is a metal-free post that is used with a variety of different IPS e-max systems. It eliminates the chance of a gray shadow seen on the teeth.

Complete Implant Restorations

This allows us to create total dental implants for any patient. We can color match and shade match accurately with our shade analysis in our lab service.

Semi-Precision Attachment

Our lab creates removable partial dentures that don’t show metal clasps. This is done by hiding the clasp inside the partial denture, making it invisible.


Temporaries are necessary to protect the teeth while our lab creates the permanent restoration.

Custom Staining

At VL Dental lab, we specialize in dental ceramics. We can take any patient’s shade and analyze it to get the perfect match.

Shade Analysis In Lab

This shade analysis is an accurate assessment of color and shade. It allows our professional team to match dental restorations perfectly to the natural teeth of the patient.

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